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Thursday, May 3, 2012

NBC's "Fashion Star" Has Everyone On The Edge...

Orly Shani with her model from her campaign
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If you have not become wrapped up into the newest TV show craze NBC has created with "Fashion Star," then you may be one of those we refer to as being "under a rock." For the millions of us who ARE addicted and wrapped up every Tuesday into the interesting twists and turns each week brings with these fabulous designers, now more than ever we are on the edge of our seats.

Winning Design This Week by Nzimiro Oputa bought by Macy's

In the beginning, the show did not really highlight many of the current front runners...something we should have seen coming. If they focus on you too much, chances are you will not be the one standing in the end. Right now, based on how the season is panning out, it appears that either Saks' favorite Kara Laricks or Ronnie will win the competition in the end. While we love Nzimiro and Orly, the likelihood that they will win, appears to have been thickened by the Kara and Ronnie plot.

We will admit, the week the mentors saved Ronnie, we were frowning just a little with a few side eyes. But now that we SEE what the judges see, we know that Ronnie will be in the last 3 standing.

Ross gets the axe by the judges as Orly and Nikki engage in an awkward embrace

We had a feeling that Ross was going to exit stage left this past episode, and while we HOPE Nikki Poulos is the next to go, since we could care to see less of her quite irritating and arrogant personality, we have a feeling one of our favorites from the dynamic duo may end up on the chopping block (sad face) and while we hate it...Orly just may be the one to go (very sad face).  It looks as though Kara may win this competition, but Nzimiro "Zami-mi" is still our very favorite with Orly Shani and the recently departed Sarah Parrot as our top three favorites. We have also come to love the fashion style of Luciana who came out of the wood-works, but know the competition will come down to Ronnie & Kara with Kara likely to win.

Top 8 of Fashion Star Season 1

While we all have our predictions, the truth is, anyone of the current finalist can win, and we LOVE that we cannot predict what will happen, who will get a sale and who will be sent home next week. We do know that we will continue to be glued to our TV sets NEXT WEEK STARTING AT 8pm (instead of 10pm) for the entire show.

Who do you think will be America's first "Fashion Star?"

Here is a clip of Week 8's elimination in case you want to see it again (we know you do!)
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