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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Desperate Housewives; An End To Longtime Treasure

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The two-hour series finale for the ABC hit show Desperate Housewives ended in true glamourous fashion with taste and style. In between the tears you probably shed throughout the entire finale, ABC did a superb job in closing out one of the most beloved shows of the decade. Bringing to a close the lives of the main characters.

SPOILER ALERT...(In case you missed the finale and plan to watch it online at
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Character's Lynette and Tom went through a small roller coaster ride but ended up happily ever after, the way all of the fans appreciated. Gabrielle and Carlos found their common respect for each other and ended up fashionably on top of the world. The ever-so dignified Bree married her lawyer and would up in politics, and Susan moved away with her daughter to start a fresh new life. Renee married her very sexy Australian lover in an eventful wedding arrangement. Along with the birth of Susan and Lynette's grandson (Julie and Porter's son) and the sad but peaceful death of Karen.

The long-time narration of the voice of Mary Alice ended with a glimpse of her watching Susan move on to greener pasturers. It was done with such class, grace and amazing blend of timing, tragedy, tears and triumphs that the fans could not have asked for a more perfect wrap up. A perfect bow to a wonderful package that opened up an serious influence to a world-wind of reality show interests (the Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, etc).

ABC receives a standing ovation for such a perfect show ending. While I admit I was one of those who cried most of the two-hours, it was a mix of happiness, satisfaction and sadness that it would be the last of "The Lane" that would develop before my eyes.

What did you think of the finale? Whose story end was your favorite? Are you wondering if the cliff-hanger of the "new resident" will turn into a show spin off?

Catch up in case you missed either or both parts at
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Anonymous said...

Great write up! I loved the ending. So sad to see the show go

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