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Friday, May 18, 2012

RIP Donna Summer

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By Stephanie Walker
Writer/Copy Editor, The IDEAL Magazine
May 2012

The first song I ever learned was, “Love to Love You Baby.” I knew that song before I was able to say "Momma."  My mom would play it whenever I was moving around too much in the womb.  Once I came into the world, it was the lullaby my mom would play to lull me to sleep.  I was in my teens before I heard the entire song!  Donna Summer was more than just a disco icon.  Her voice transcended an era and a genre.  From the uplifting jam, “Heaven Knows,” to the classic, “Bad Girls,” Donna Summer embodied soul and passion.  She was the first artist win a Grammy award for “Best Dance Recording.” Ironically, this was not during the disco heyday, but some twenty years later.  She began her career with aspirations of being a Motown style soul singer.  I am so thankful that she found her own path.  Donna Summer was unique.  Many were disco artists but she made disco come to life.  Toot toot ah beep beep looks crazy on paper, but sang over that dance groove, it made sense. Her music touched people from various walks of life and different generations.   While Donna has had her “Last Dance” her music will live on forever.  ~RIP Donna Summer

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Anonymous said...

There would be no disco with Donna Summer!

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